Cob or Briar!

Cobs or briars?

While on this journey of pipe smoking bliss there is a question that continues to return to me, which is, "should my next pipe be a briar or a cob?"

While the origination of my one and only pipe is uncertain, it is o.k. since it was only $30 from the local tobacconist who said it was Italian hand made ;).

However, while reading some of the pipe smoking blogs;,, and, I am discovering that there are some strong opinions on which type of pipes "old fart" (-a most affectionate reference) pipe smokers recommend for newbie pipe smokers. Some say cobs, some say briars, so which one should I choose for my next pipe?

Here are a couple of examples:

Image (cob)

Image (briar)

I must say I find it hard to choose. So…….. I reckon I must get one of each. I shall report later on the specific kind of cob and briar that I ended up with and my opinion of each.

Until next time…..



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