Xikar Pipe Lighter Review

One lighter name among all other pipe lighters that continues to to be repeated as a good pipe lighter is Xikar. Xikar is a medium priced pipe lighter; $30-$50 range, that comes with a life time guarantee and is known for its reliability. Some of the benefits of the Xikar are:

An angled flame
Refillable butane fuel
The flame is adjustable
It has built in tamper and other pipe tools
Non-flint lighting mechanism

To name a few.

The lighter is attractive, easy to handle and comes in a variety of different styles to choose from. Also, you can purchase them from several different sources on the Internet or at your local tobacconist shop. I have heard from some that if you contact Xikar directly and register your lighter they will send you a leather case to carry your lighter in, although I haven’t done this myself.
One con is that the flame is not adjusted with a wheel but by a slot on the bottom.




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