Pipe Lighters Galore

> I have this sense of having become a wealthy man. Please understand that I did not say that I AM a wealthy man, but that I have only obtained the “sense” of having become wealthy. For, here I must chuckle; I have tripled my collection of pipe lighters. Yes, my friend you have heard me correctly. I have tripled my collection of pipe lighters. For my lonely Vertigo pipe lighter has acquired two siblings; a Zippo Chrome liquid fuel lighter and an IMCO G77R. >
> As I mentioned above, this recent acquisition, has bestowed upon me the “sense” that I am now a man of means. >
> So, last night on the back porch I had to try them out.
> The Zippo worked great. It lit on the first strike, and on every first try. There was no two or three tries to get it to light. I worked great right out of the gate. It will take a little getting used to as it requires a stronger draw on the pipe to bring the flame down into the bowl. And, for any subsequent lights when the tobacco has reduced a little, it is a mite bit more difficult to get the flame to go further down. But, I am sure with a little more practice I will get the knack of it. Also, I want to say that I did not mind, and hardly noticed, the lighter fluid taste. It was really a non-issue for me.

> The IMCO (a plastic butane pipe lighter with a 45 degree angled flame) also lights on the first try but the flame adjustment wheel is also made out of plastic (it was only $15) and I have to see if it will adjust well enough for me.

> The Vertigo (metal butane lighter with a 90 degree flame)

> generally lights on the 2nd or 3rd try and works quite well. The flame adjusts well, I can aim the flame easily and is relatively easy to refill with fuel. However, I must note that I have had to replace this lighter once a month or two ago as the first one I purchased went bad after 2-3 months. The lighting mechanism seemed to just wear out and quit working. The tobacconist shop gladly replaced the lighter for me with no problem and the new one works well, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
> Out of the three I think I enjoy using the Zippo the most as it sort of fulfils my idea of the pipe smoking persona, the connection with the past. I will, however, keep you posted on their performance. >
> Enjoy!
> http://www.pipelighters.net


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