A Pinch is Better Than a Pound

More musings from a newbie…..

When filling your pipe an important aspect of packing is patience. After all isn’t that what pipe smoking is about; slowing down and enjoying the moment?

In that vein, when first beginning to fill the bowl start with just a little pinch of tobacco and let it fall gently into the bowl. There is no race, no hurry to get t filled; just let gravity allow the tobacco to fall lazily into the bottom of the bowl. As the title of this post suggests, a pinch is better than a pound.

Give the tobacco a soft tap and then fill some more until the tobacco is up to the rim. Then you can light up with your <a href=”http://www.pipelighters.net.”>lighter</a>

This method will help there to be enough air amidst the tobacco to keep it lit throughout the smoke.


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