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Colibri Wellington Pipe Lighter

December 31, 2012

Fuel Type: Butane

Ignition: Flint & Wheel

Flame: Angled Flame

Price: $45-$50

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December 29, 2012


Sweet smoking pipe; bright glowing stove,
Companion still of my retreat,
Thou dost my gloomy thoughts remove,
And purge my brain with gentle heat.
Tobacco, charmer of my mind,
When, like the meteor’s transient gleam.

Thy substance gone to air I find,
I think, alas, my life’s the same!
What else but lighted dust am I?
Then shew’st me what my fate will be;
And when thy sinking ashes die,
I learn that I must end like thee.

Side Kick Torch Butane Pipe Lighter Only $5.95

December 28, 2012

Fuel Type: Butane

Flame: 90 Degree Angled Flame

Ignition: Piezo Quartz Electronic Ignition

Price: Only $5.99

Product Features


· Powerful Single Jet Flame Torch Lighter; Convenient Angle Flame

· Butane Refillable; Adjustable Flame Pressure

· Auto Piezoelectric Ignition; Safe & Easy to Use



Peterson’s The Thinking Man Pipe Lighter

December 27, 2012

Fuel Type: Butane

Flame: Angled

Ignition: Flint

Price Range: $99-$119 (depending on the store or site purchased)

My Friendly Pipe

December 26, 2012

My Friendly Pipe

(author unknown)

…Let the chap who loves to nap

With his cigar in hand

Pursue his way, and live his day,

As runs time’s changing sand;

Let him delight by day and night

In his peculiar brand.

But as for me, I love to be

Provided with a pipe,—

A rare old bowl to warm my soul,

A meerschaum brown and ripe,—

With good plug cut, no stump or butt,

Nor filthy gutter-snipe.

My joys increase! It brings me peace

As nothing else can do;

From all the strife of daily life

Here my relief is true.

I watch its rings; it purrs and sings—

And then it’s cheaper, too!

IM Corona Pipe Magie

December 23, 2012

Fuel Type: Butane (Refillable)

Ignition: Roll Bar Flint

Flame: 90 Degree

Price Range: $82.84

Measures: 2.75″ Height x 1″ Wide x 0.38″ Thick (Inches)
Weighs: 2.6 ounces



December 23, 2012

Fuel Type: Butane
Flame: 45 Degree Angle
Ignition: Flint Wheel
Price Range: $25 for pack of 2  (1 chrome/1 black)


Xikar Scribe “Burl” Pipe Lighter

December 22, 2012

When it comes to style, sometimes less is more. The XIKAR Scribe pipe lighter features a sleek and elegant pen shape that fits nicely into pockets. Its unique pull-apart action starts the flow of butane and with the flick of the flint ignition, you are ready to enjoy a relaxing puff. The flame is an angled candle flame.

Fuel Type: Butane

Flame: Angled Candle Flame

Ignition: Flint

Price: $35.95


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Vertigo Briar Pipe Lighter (Old Boy Style)

December 21, 2012

· Royal Blue

· Flint Pipe Lighter With 90-Degree Flame

· 1-Year Warranty

· Soft Stitched Pouch Included.

· Classic “Old Boy” Styling at 1/3rd the PRICE!

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Colibri Connaught II Pipe Lighter Tobacco & Gold

December 19, 2012

§ Fuel Type: Butane

§ Ignition: Piezo Quartz Electronic Ignition

§ Flame: 90 Degree Angled Soft Flame

§ Dimensions: H: 2 3/4″,W: 1 1/2″,D: 1/2″

§ Built In Tamper

§ Fuel Level

§ Easy Access Flame Adjuster

§ Superb Colibri Quality

ONLY $56.35