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Jetline Lacardo Soft Flame Pipe Lighter with Gift Box

January 31, 2013

jetline lacardo

· Powerful and adjustable soft flame.

· Refillable butane tank.

· Built-in tools.

· Leather pouch and gift box included!



Tsubota Pearl Eddie Pipe Lighter

January 29, 2013

The Pearl Eddie Pipe Lighter by Tsubota is a superb lighter. Hand made by a 3rd generation Japanese family company in Tokyo, the “Pearl Eddie” is made from only the highest grade Japanese brass and “Seki” steel (used in Samurai Swords) and is strikingly beautiful in detail and solidly built to last.

This gorgeous lighter features:

§ Flint & Wheel Ignition

§ 90 degree angled flame

§ Butane Fuel

§ On board Tamp & Pick

§ 2-Way Flame Adjustment

The measurements of this exquisite pipe lighter are 2 5/8″ tall x 1 1/4″wide x 1/2″ thick and weighs 71 grams. You simply will not find a better made or working lighter anywhere. Normally this lighter sells for over $130, but for a limited time you can own it for only $110.95.


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Alfred Dunhill Rollagas Alligator Pattern Lighter

January 27, 2013


Developed in the mid 1950s, Dunhill produced one of the first butane gas lighters. This iconic design has remained relatively unchanged since and was regularly used by James Bond in both print and on the screen.


The Rollagas shape is Dunhill’s oldest and most popular design. Classic flint roll-bar ignition powers each brass cased lighter. Butane operated, the soft yellow flame emitted is warm and steady


Normally priced at $725 this elegant lighter can be a part of your distinguished collection for only $638

To Purchase


Measures: 2.5″ inches Height x 0.95″ Width x 0.45″ Thick
Weighs: 2.8 ounces

-Soft Yellow Flame
-Flint Roll-Bar Ignition
-Brass Base
-Alligator Pattern Engraved
-Palladium Plating
-Dunhill Logo Roller
-Dunhill Logo on base of lighter and inside cap
-Made in Switzerland
-Two Year Warranty
-Packaged in a Dunhill Gift Box

Common Pipe Lighter Problems

January 26, 2013

Common Pipe Lighter Problems.

Hobbit Pipe

January 26, 2013

Hobbit Pipe ONLY $40.00!!!
Channel Your Inner Wizard with this Classic Church Warden Gandalf & Hobbit Pipe! Cruise about and catch the eye of every Hobbit, Elf & Dwarf fan as they look on with jealousy at you puffing

Channel Your Inner Wizard with this Classic Church Warden Gandalf & Hobbit Pipe! Cruise about and catch the eye of every Hobbit, Elf & Dwarf fan as they look on with jealousy at you puffing smoke rings! Some folks spend $75, $100 or more for their pipes. But you can own your Classic Gandalf/Hobbit Pipe for only $40.00!!! CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Gandalf Pipe……BUY NOW!!!!!


Polished Church Warden 8280 Hobbit Pipe ONLY $40.00!!!

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Prometheus Avatar Pipe Lighter

January 25, 2013

Prometheus Avatar Pipe Lighter

Fuel Type: Butane
Flame: 90 Degree Angle
Ignition: Piezo Quartz Electronic Ignition
Price Range: $60
Measurements: 2.5in x 1.2in 0.5in (64mm x 30mm x 13mm)

Hobbit Pipe Only $40.00!!!

January 23, 2013

Hobbit Pipe only $40.00

Channel your inner Wizard or Hobbit!!!

Prometheus Adagio Pipe Lighter

January 20, 2013

> Fuel Type: Butane
> Ignition: Piezo Quartz Electronic Ignition
> Flame: 45 Degree Angled Flame
> Price Range: $30


Side Kick Torch Butane Pipe Lighter Only $5.95

January 19, 2013

Fuel Type: Butane

Flame: 90 Degree Angled Flame

Ignition: Piezo Quartz Electronic Ignition

Price: Only $5.95

Product Features


· Powerful Single Jet Flame Torch Lighter; Convenient Angle Flame

· Butane Refillable; Adjustable Flame Pressure

· Auto Piezoelectric Ignition; Safe & Easy to Use

Xikar Scribe “Burl” Pipe Lighter

January 16, 2013

When it comes to style, sometimes less is more. The XIKAR Scribe pipe lighter features a sleek and elegant pen shape that fits nicely into pockets. Its unique pull-apart action starts the flow of butane and with the flick of the flint ignition, you are ready to enjoy a relaxing puff. The flame is an angled candle flame.

Fuel Type: Butane

Flame: Angled Candle Flame

Ignition: Flint

Price: $35.99


Buy Now for only $31.99 (That’s $8 off of the already low price of $39.99!)