Jifeng Pipe Lighter Old Boy Copy

If I told you that you could have a replica of an Old Boy Pipe Lighter for under $20 that was solid metal, good stiff strike wheel, and worked really well, you’d call me crazy. However, I just purchased one of these from China and I am amazed. I bought the Silver Plated version without the pipe motif on the side for only $8! It lights on the first strike, everytime. Holds butane well. Nice strong flame. It has a great “weighty” feel and all the moving pieces feel nice & tight. All I have to say is I am impressed.

If you can see yourself buying one of these, let me know as I am exploring importing them for the U.S. market.

Fuel Type: Butane

Ignition: Side Wheel & Flint

Flame: Side Angled Soft Flame

Price Range: Under $20



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