Replica of Savinelli’s IM Corona Old Boy

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My New Favorite Pipe Lighter

by pipelighterexpert

Oh My God! I just found the lighter you’ve been looking for. You know that IM Corona Old Boy in Pewter with the Pipe Chart engraved on it? Yeah, the one that shows all of the different pipe styles; church warden, bent apple, billiard, bulldog, woodstock, zulu, oval, panel, dublin, prince, author and oom-paul along with many others? It’s a pipe ligjter and pipe education all in one. Yeah, that one that sells for $125-$160 depending on where you buy it. Well, I just found an amazing replica of it for a fraction of the cost!!!!!

It has the same finish, that brushed pewter with all of the pipe images engraved on it. Same billiard, same bent apple and everything.

It has the raised arm flame snuffer, the horizontal strike wheel, the side angled soft flame with built it tamp and pick. This lighter has such nice tight action in it. And it lights on the first strike.


I love this lighter and you will too. It features all metal casing to last forever and the tamp is long enough that you can tamp to the bottom if the bowl with it still fit securely in the body of the lighter.

The bottom of the lighter features a very securely fit tamp/pick, easy access flame adjustment screw and a screw cover fuel intake valve.

If I didn’t tell you it wasn’t the real IM Corona you wouldn’t know (shhhh And neither will your friends!)

So, here’s the deal. Just click in the link below to see how you can own this amazing lighter Fie your collection or to use everyday and band down to your son. Don’t miss out as I only have a few left at the unbelievable price.


To see on eBay


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