Yibao Leather Wrapped Pipe Lighter

Yibao Butane Pipe Lighter Leather

by pipelighterexpert

Two months ago I ordered a Yibao Pipe Lighter off of EBay. It was actually this leather wrapped butane pipe lighter that I’m reviewing today. However, they sent me the silver finished model by accident. Yesterday, this correct model arrived in the mail.

It measures about 2″ tall x 1″ wide x 1/2″ thick. It is made in the IM Corona Old Boy styling with the flip up arm arm and flame cover, horizontal strike wheel, flint ignition and butane fuel. The Yibao Pipe Lighter is made in China and this one cost me $8.20 INCLUDING SHIPPING! Can you believe that? One might expect to receive a plastic, cheaply made “Bic” type lighter. But instead this pipe lighter is all metal (with exception of the leather wrapped accent). The moving parts are nice and tight and it works extremely well.

To light this pipe lighter you just flick up the flame cover arm with you thumb and rotate the strike wheel inward with the same thumb. Butane is released whenever the flame cover arm is up so when the strike wheel scrapes the flint and creates a spark the lighter ignites. To light your pile just hold the flame slightly over the bowl of your pipe and draw the flame in. To extinguish the flame lower the flame cover arm.

There is a small cover in the bottom of the pipe lighter that unscrews that protects the flame adjustment screw and butane intake valve. The flame adjustment screw works easily to raise or lower the height of the flame, and, you can use regular premium refined butane to refill the lighter.

I’ve included a YouTube video below if you want to see this pipe lighter in action.

I have to say I really like this little lighter and enjoy using it. We’ll see how well it works over time. But for eight bucks its hard to go wrong.



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