Problems with Corona Old Boy

I review a lot of information on pipe lighters including opinions posted on forums (I.e. pipesmagazines, smokers forum, pipe smoker unleashed, puff, brothers of briar, pipe chat, to name a few) and lately I’ve read a good bit of scuttlebutt about the IM Corona Old Boy. Particularly, there has been a fair amount of posts and replies
regarding the reliability, repairs and warranty of the Old Boy Pipe Lighter within the past few months. It seems that over the years Savinelli has exhibited unparalleled customer service, recent experiences however, have shown something different. Rather than translate the opinions of others I’ve pasted their comments below so you can decide for yourself if the $150 price tag of a Japanese made lighter is worth the money or not.

"My Old Boy has been giving me nothing but trouble. Unless the flint is brand new, it doesn’t light. I keep a lit candle next to my chair and light the Old Boy off that."

"Beware. Repairs on Old Boys are no longer free as was the case with Savinelli. In fact, I just got a repair bid from them via my local shop to repair the flame valve for $58.00. I was quite disappointed with the policy change and costs. But I guess if I want my old friend (Old Boy) back, there are no alternatives."

"Do I read that right? Bout $110.00 lighter, and they want $58.00 to repair it?"

"I don’t know when the date of the change was only that I received my local shops call yesterday morning with the estimate and asking me if I would authorize the repairs at this charge/cost. Never before was I ever charged anything except shipping. Maybe this is their way of trying to increase new lighter sales over repairs."

"Mine (D Boy) has never gotten clogged, but it gets to the point that it will not light. The gas is flowing and sparks fly, but it won’t light. Annoying."

Again, many posts I’ve read (and I suppose you’ve read them too) talk about great past customer service. The question is, What has changed?

With so many great imports out there with the same features guaranteeing "Life Time Warranties", is the hefty $150+ price tag still justified?

For an alternative check out this link

Extended Arm Pipe Lighter with Pipe Shapes


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