Best Pipe Lighter Period!!!!

A few months ago I bought a Chinese made lighter for my collection. To my utter surprise I was shocked at what I received! Instead of a flimsy, plastic, poorly made piece of crap I received a high quality, precision crafted pipe lighter that immediately became my everyday go to lighter.
This lighter is the epitome of what a pipe lighter should be. It has all the bells and whistles; flint ignition, horizontal strike wheel, side angled soft flame, engraved pipe charts displaying 25 if the most recognized pipe shapes, built in tamp and pick, extra large butane fuel tank, easy access flame adjustment a LIFE TIME WARRANTY and at HALF THE PRICE of the Japanese made Corona (which only has a two year replacement warranty)!!!
It was then that I decided that the only thing better than owning a high priced Corona Old Boy was getting a better lighter with a better warranty at HALF THE PRICE!
I was so impressed with this lighter that I contacted the distributor and ordered 30 of them which sold out in only two weeks.

This your chance to own this amazing lighter. Just click the link below for more information.


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