What Kind Of Man Are You

What Kind Of Man Are You?

Posted on June 14, 2013

Cowboy What Kind Of Man Are You?What Kind Of Man Are YouThere are certain possessions that; often unbeknownst to the individual, distinguish the qualities of a man. Among these are his shoes, his pocket knife and yes….his lighter. Because they are so seemingly insignificant they often escape the man’s own notice of how closely they can reveal his motivations & values. Is he stingy and fearful; unwilling to invest in something of value that will last for many years? Or, is he flashy and showy; buying only the most recognized brand names, at high prices, in order to “catch the eye” of others. Is he masculine; preferring simple designs. Or, is he more stylish & elegant in nature? Flashy Tom Selec What Kind Of Man Are You?There are few items more personal and descriptive of a man than his lighter. In the last few generations a lighter often lasted a man several decades; if not his entire life, and was left as a keepsake to his son. His lighter represented him as a thoughtful, quality minded man who spent his money wisely yet spent enough to buy something of value. Even though a man’s lighter is small; maybe 2″ tall and less than 3-4 ounces, it is a representation of a man’s personal identity.

Taking a closer look at lighters; you can see that some lighters are plastic and cost very little; but they don’t last, in other words they are cheap. While other lighters cost over $150 and bear the brand name in hopes to make everyone else green with envy. Then there are those lighters that have the features of the high prices lighters (i.e all metal casing, double horizontal strike wheel, flint ignition, built in tamp & pick, protected fuel valve, silicon seals, etc.), which the cheap ones don’t have, but cost half the price of the Brand Name lighters. They can be simple in design, yet suggest a sense of style from earlier era. Some of these great value lighters even come with lifetime replacement warranties!

So, what kind of man are you? Below are some suggestions of good quality, reasonably priced lighters that you and your sons can enjoy.



Jibao Leather Wrapper Pipe Lighter 150x150 What Kind Of Man Are You?20130528 063355 150x150 What Kind Of Man Are You?

– See more at: http://www.pipelighters.net/zippo-pipe-lighters/what-kind-of-man-are-you#sthash.hkMcbXSf.dpuf


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