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July 16, 2013

An Introduction to Pipes for Beginner Pipe Smokers

One of enjoyable aspects of pipe smoking is shopping for a pipe. It is advisable for a new pipe smoker to start off with a “wall pipe” or “basket pipe” which are sold at your local pipe shop or tobacconist. They are generally a well made pipe that is not of a name brand. They usually range in the $30-$50. However, you may decide, as I did, to branch out and collect one or more name brand handmade pipes to add to your collection. Below I have outlined four well known quality pipe manufacturers with a couple of their pipe models along with a short description of those models’ features as a start to your shopping experience.


Savinelli is an Italian pipe producer that is known for its high quality models that are fashionable as well as long lasting. In the $75-$100 medium price range, they have pipe models such as:

– Forma predefinita series, which can come in multiple different shapes and grains (examples: Aurelia, Alligator, Big Nine, Bing, Black Set, Café, Candy, Clear, etc.)

– Forma liberia, a more free-form and artisan designed pipe (Examples: Artisan, Autograph, Briar, Code, VIP, etc.)

Butz Choquin

Butz Choquin (BC) is french manufacturer that is well known for its wide selection of pipes, and has been a staple for smokers for many years. Their mid range pipe selections include:

– Mirage, a classic briar model that features a smooth acrylic finish

– Compagnon, a larger pipe that is molded in the classic French style


Peterson is an Irish manufacturer that is showing some increased popularity in the American markets. They have been making finely crafted pipes since 1865, and have been a household name in Ireland for well over a century. Their mid range products include:

– Aran, a fairly standard model with different forms include a fishtail and p-lip design-

-Dalkey, features the bestselling “999” shape that made Peterson famous


Stanwell is an American manufacturer that has also established a well respected name for itself. Their mid range pipe designs include:

– Royal Guard, an interesting design that features an over-sized bowl

– Golden Danish, a Chonowitsch-designed pipe with a unique bend to its mouthpiece

Once you have selected a pipe model or two, a beginner will want to try their hand at different loose leaf tobacco types and pipe lighters. For almost any smoker, there will be a pipe & pipe lighter that fits their style and price range.

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