Oxford Flake

Oxford Flake

Since I’ve been pipe smoking; about a couple of years now, I’ve smoked mostly aromatic pipe tobaccos. However, a few weeks ago I tried my first tin of Peterson’s University Flake. I didn’t know what to expect, but what
I found was a good tasting, full bodied, smooth, non-biting tobacco. The
down side was that the cost was pretty steep to my budget at around $17 a
tin. I suppose I could have found it cheaper online but I like to buy from
the local Brick and Mortar pipe shops when I can. So, when traveling through Memphis, Tennessee I stopped into The Tobacco Corner located at the corner of Poplar and Mendenhall. There are always a group of guys hanging out there and the staff is friendly.

I told the gentleman at the counter that I liked University Flake and was
looking for a bulk tobacco that was similar and he recommended one of their private bulk flake tobaccos called Oxford Flake. From all appearances it
looks very similar to the University Flake; which I’m told is Peterson’s
number one selling tinned tobaccos. It does come in the standard flake style which I rub between my fingers to break it up so that it packs easier. It is very similar to the Oxford in taste and room note. One of the good things is that it costs almost half of the Peterson brand at around $5 an ounce (The University Flake at $17 for a 50 gram tin comes out to almost $10 per ounce).

If you have been smoking aromatics and are looking for your first fore into
the world of non-aromatics I’d recommend you give the University Flake a try. Or, if you are in the Memphis area go by and see the good folks at Tobacco Corner and ask for the Oxford Flake. I think you’ll be glad you


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