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College Football and Pipe Smoking

October 24, 2013

Pipe Smoking and college football

Crisp Autumn weather,
college football on the tube (or IPAD) and yes…a bowl of smooth
pipe tobacco; can it get much better than this? As I sit here
watching SEC Football, my two good dogs are sitting with me on the
porch and I’m enjoying one if my favorite non-aro’s; Oxford Flake.
Oxford Flake is has a very similar texture and flavor to Peterson’s
University Flake.

Whether you’re a Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, ACC or the Almighty SEC fan, lighting your briar while cheering for your favorite college football team is a perfect way to pass a lazy
Saturday or even Thursday evening.

Here’s are some of the supplies
you need:
1. A good football game to watch (or two to flip back and
2. A relaxing beverage
3. Your favorite pipe
4. A tobacco
that is smooth and slow burning.
5. One of your reliable pipe lighters
6. Three hours with nothing else to do. 7. A good friend to enjoy the
game with you.

What a great way to relax.




To Bleed or Not To Bleed

October 1, 2013

To Bleed or Not to Bleed; That Is The Pipe Lighter Question?

Some pipe smokers suggest that one must ALWAYS bleed their pipe lighter between refills, while others say bleeding is unnecessary. The thought behind bleeding is that air is captured in the fuel tank of the lighter and must be expelled for the lighter to perform properly. This is done by taking a very small screw driver (the size of the one that comes with an eyeglass repair kit) or the poker from your czech tool and pressing it into the fuel valve until all of the remaining butane and air is released. You can tell when the lighter no longer “hisses”.

The “no-bleeders” say this step is not needed since all fuel and air (if any) is released during the lighting process over time, and when the lighter no longer lights due to an empty fuel tank, you just refill.

Actually, the best way I suggest is to bleed once your pipe lighter no longer lights just to make sure the fuel tank is empty. It only takes a second or two and then you know all the air is out.

One of the most important step is using triple refined butane or higher as this will keep the fuel nozzle cleaner and enable you pipe lighter to operate better.

Either way, don’t stress over it, just pack, tamp & light.


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