College Football and Pipe Smoking

Pipe Smoking and college football

Crisp Autumn weather,
college football on the tube (or IPAD) and yes…a bowl of smooth
pipe tobacco; can it get much better than this? As I sit here
watching SEC Football, my two good dogs are sitting with me on the
porch and I’m enjoying one if my favorite non-aro’s; Oxford Flake.
Oxford Flake is has a very similar texture and flavor to Peterson’s
University Flake.

Whether you’re a Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, ACC or the Almighty SEC fan, lighting your briar while cheering for your favorite college football team is a perfect way to pass a lazy
Saturday or even Thursday evening.

Here’s are some of the supplies
you need:
1. A good football game to watch (or two to flip back and
2. A relaxing beverage
3. Your favorite pipe
4. A tobacco
that is smooth and slow burning.
5. One of your reliable pipe lighters
6. Three hours with nothing else to do. 7. A good friend to enjoy the
game with you.

What a great way to relax.



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