Pipe Smoking Among Young Men

January 1, 2014

Pipe Smoking Among Young Men

Talk to anyone loafing at the local Pipe Shop and before long the conversation will turn to the increasing popularity of pipe smoking; particularly among the 30 and under crowd.  You might see them pulling their new Churchwardens, Bulldogs and Billiards out of the cigar box they use to tote their pipe, pipe lighters, tobacco & pipe cleaners.  I know that at the local pipe shop and tobacconist I patronize there are a good group of seminary students & 20ish guys that come in regularly to buy pipe tobacco or just hang out and enjoy the conversation.

So, what is it about pipe smoking that the younger crowd finds so appealing amidst the staunch “anti-tobacco” sentiment that is so prevalent in our culture today?  Of course, no one can answer for everyone althoughI have noticed what I believe are some of the main reasons why this past time has become so popular.

It’s a Manly Practice

With the rising appeal of all things “manly” (i.e. “The Art of Manliness” aka AoM, Gentlemint, etc.) it is evident that Pipe Smoking is a practice that helps younger guys identify with their masculine side.  Pipe smoking is similar to pocket knives, leather boots and shaving in that it seems to help solidify the masculine persona within a young man who is in the process of setting the course of their life and habits.

There is an Immediate Community

There is a camaraderie among pipe smokers; both online as well as in person.  As I mentioned above most pipe shops have a smoking area with ashtrays, pipe lighters, leather chairs and usually a few loafers hanging out.  Pipe smoking gives the young man access to other men; young & old, who share a common interest.  What is particularly beneficial about pipe smoking for young guys is that they are often sitting next to men who are older and have a wealth of experience in life and career.  The chances are very good that they can strike up a conversation with doctors, judges, missionaries, accountants, fathers and grandfathers.  The local pipe shop community is a gathering place of men from all walks of life who are willing to share from their own experience.

It is Contemplative

When I light up my Peterson and watch the smoke lazily waft out of the bowl it helps me to relax and allows my mind to drift to the things in life that are most important.  The simple acts of packing, lighting, relighting and smoking involve my hands and before long the concerns that occupied my mind prior to lighting seem to dissipate.  It is makes it easy to pray for my family and friends and to easily talk to God in a uncomplicated, conversational way.

There are many pipe smoking quotes, too numerous to list all of them here, but it is well documented by men of standing about the relaxing and contemplative nature of pipe smoking.  In parting I thought I would share a few of them with you.

“If you want to get hold of a man’s deepest confidence, tell him to smoke in your drawing-room. I don’t know how it is, but there seems no trouble in which a man can’t smoke. One who scorns extraneous comfort of every other sort, will yet, in the profoundest sorrow, take kindly to his pipe. This is more wonderful than anything I know about our kind.” -Ethelwyn in The Vicar’s Daughter by George MacDonald (1824-1905)

“A pipe in the mouth makes it clear that there has been no mistake–you are undoubtedly a man.” -A. A. Milne

“When you pray with this pipe, you pray for everything in the universe, and everything in the universe prays with you.” -Black Elk, Holy Man of the Oglalas

“I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” Albert Einstein


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College Football and Pipe Smoking

October 24, 2013

Pipe Smoking and college football

Crisp Autumn weather,
college football on the tube (or IPAD) and yes…a bowl of smooth
pipe tobacco; can it get much better than this? As I sit here
watching SEC Football, my two good dogs are sitting with me on the
porch and I’m enjoying one if my favorite non-aro’s; Oxford Flake.
Oxford Flake is has a very similar texture and flavor to Peterson’s
University Flake.

Whether you’re a Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, ACC or the Almighty SEC fan, lighting your briar while cheering for your favorite college football team is a perfect way to pass a lazy
Saturday or even Thursday evening.

Here’s are some of the supplies
you need:
1. A good football game to watch (or two to flip back and
2. A relaxing beverage
3. Your favorite pipe
4. A tobacco
that is smooth and slow burning.
5. One of your reliable pipe lighters
6. Three hours with nothing else to do. 7. A good friend to enjoy the
game with you.

What a great way to relax.



To Bleed or Not To Bleed

October 1, 2013

To Bleed or Not to Bleed; That Is The Pipe Lighter Question?

Some pipe smokers suggest that one must ALWAYS bleed their pipe lighter between refills, while others say bleeding is unnecessary. The thought behind bleeding is that air is captured in the fuel tank of the lighter and must be expelled for the lighter to perform properly. This is done by taking a very small screw driver (the size of the one that comes with an eyeglass repair kit) or the poker from your czech tool and pressing it into the fuel valve until all of the remaining butane and air is released. You can tell when the lighter no longer “hisses”.

The “no-bleeders” say this step is not needed since all fuel and air (if any) is released during the lighting process over time, and when the lighter no longer lights due to an empty fuel tank, you just refill.

Actually, the best way I suggest is to bleed once your pipe lighter no longer lights just to make sure the fuel tank is empty. It only takes a second or two and then you know all the air is out.

One of the most important step is using triple refined butane or higher as this will keep the fuel nozzle cleaner and enable you pipe lighter to operate better.

Either way, don’t stress over it, just pack, tamp & light.


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Oxford Flake

September 19, 2013

Oxford Flake

Since I’ve been pipe smoking; about a couple of years now, I’ve smoked mostly aromatic pipe tobaccos. However, a few weeks ago I tried my first tin of Peterson’s University Flake. I didn’t know what to expect, but what
I found was a good tasting, full bodied, smooth, non-biting tobacco. The
down side was that the cost was pretty steep to my budget at around $17 a
tin. I suppose I could have found it cheaper online but I like to buy from
the local Brick and Mortar pipe shops when I can. So, when traveling through Memphis, Tennessee I stopped into The Tobacco Corner located at the corner of Poplar and Mendenhall. There are always a group of guys hanging out there and the staff is friendly.

I told the gentleman at the counter that I liked University Flake and was
looking for a bulk tobacco that was similar and he recommended one of their private bulk flake tobaccos called Oxford Flake. From all appearances it
looks very similar to the University Flake; which I’m told is Peterson’s
number one selling tinned tobaccos. It does come in the standard flake style which I rub between my fingers to break it up so that it packs easier. It is very similar to the Oxford in taste and room note. One of the good things is that it costs almost half of the Peterson brand at around $5 an ounce (The University Flake at $17 for a 50 gram tin comes out to almost $10 per ounce).

If you have been smoking aromatics and are looking for your first fore into
the world of non-aromatics I’d recommend you give the University Flake a try. Or, if you are in the Memphis area go by and see the good folks at Tobacco Corner and ask for the Oxford Flake. I think you’ll be glad you


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Those Doggone Dogs

August 3, 2013

Maybe if you own dogs and smoke a pipe you’ll understand.

It was 2:17 a.m. and Precious, my 15 year old Dachshund very mixed breed, starting whining. It was this low pitched whine/moan kind of sound that means she has to go out and eat some grass. Now remember it 2:17 in the morning, but there’s no ignoring it as it will not stop until she goes out. So, I reluctantly get up, put on my khaki shorts and grab my 13 year old Chihuahua very mixed breed, that only has three good legs and go outside with pipe in hand; this will be no 5 minute stint!

So, I fill my pipe with my favorite private tobacco blend and take one of my pipe lighters and light my Peterson Donegal Rocky 05.

Precious begins her systematic grass eating and I my slow puffing. It doesn’t take long before I remember how magical this time of the night really is. The air is still and the night sounds are soft and my mind is relaxed and allowed to ponder my favorite thoughts undisturbed.

I think (kind of a pray/think) about my family; my amazing wife of 32 years who is asleep, my three children and four grandchildren. Lord let your grace rest upon them. I ponder God and his love for us; let me nestle in it. And before you know it, a couple of relights later, it is 3 a.m. and Precious is ready to return to bed, and so am I.

Isn’t it neat that undesired, unsought for blessings can come our way in the shape of two old dogs.

By the way, I sleep til the late hour of 5:30 a.m. When Jimmy, the Chihuahua tells me it is again time to get up. The magic never stops 🙂


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Xikar Pipe Lighters

August 1, 2013

Xikar Pipe Lighters

If you are looking for the American spirit to be found in pipe lighters not only within the USA but abroad as well, then you want a company that not only makes their own lighters but designs them and started that business right on the soil. Those pipe lighters would be Xikar lighters and they are increasingly more popular when it comes to style and functionality for a good pipe lighter.

With over 30 different designs and styles including:

  • Axia
  • Element
  • Stingray
  • Ellipse
  • Enigma
  • Scribe

And those are just a few of the names and styles you will find with Xikar lighters. So what would you like to see and not see in your pipe lighters? Besides a lighter that does the job of lighting your pipe without destroying it you want something that is practical and stylish. The Xikar lighters haven’t been around that long, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The prices ranges depending on the model and style go from the low $30 range and as high as $200, with the majority around the $50 range. Now that’s a plus, you can get a good pipe lighter without having to sacrifice money to do so.


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16 July, 2013 05:28

July 16, 2013

An Introduction to Pipes for Beginner Pipe Smokers

One of enjoyable aspects of pipe smoking is shopping for a pipe. It is advisable for a new pipe smoker to start off with a “wall pipe” or “basket pipe” which are sold at your local pipe shop or tobacconist. They are generally a well made pipe that is not of a name brand. They usually range in the $30-$50. However, you may decide, as I did, to branch out and collect one or more name brand handmade pipes to add to your collection. Below I have outlined four well known quality pipe manufacturers with a couple of their pipe models along with a short description of those models’ features as a start to your shopping experience.


Savinelli is an Italian pipe producer that is known for its high quality models that are fashionable as well as long lasting. In the $75-$100 medium price range, they have pipe models such as:

– Forma predefinita series, which can come in multiple different shapes and grains (examples: Aurelia, Alligator, Big Nine, Bing, Black Set, Café, Candy, Clear, etc.)

– Forma liberia, a more free-form and artisan designed pipe (Examples: Artisan, Autograph, Briar, Code, VIP, etc.)

Butz Choquin

Butz Choquin (BC) is french manufacturer that is well known for its wide selection of pipes, and has been a staple for smokers for many years. Their mid range pipe selections include:

– Mirage, a classic briar model that features a smooth acrylic finish

– Compagnon, a larger pipe that is molded in the classic French style


Peterson is an Irish manufacturer that is showing some increased popularity in the American markets. They have been making finely crafted pipes since 1865, and have been a household name in Ireland for well over a century. Their mid range products include:

– Aran, a fairly standard model with different forms include a fishtail and p-lip design-

-Dalkey, features the bestselling “999” shape that made Peterson famous


Stanwell is an American manufacturer that has also established a well respected name for itself. Their mid range pipe designs include:

– Royal Guard, an interesting design that features an over-sized bowl

– Golden Danish, a Chonowitsch-designed pipe with a unique bend to its mouthpiece

Once you have selected a pipe model or two, a beginner will want to try their hand at different loose leaf tobacco types and pipe lighters. For almost any smoker, there will be a pipe & pipe lighter that fits their style and price range.

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Imports vs Domestic

June 18, 2013

IM Corona Old Boy Pewter 1251 Import Pipe Lighters vs. Domestic/European Pipe Lighters

IM Corona Old Boy Pewter Finish with Pipe Shapes $150 (made in Japan)


Jifeng 103 Import Pipe Lighters vs. Domestic/European Pipe Lighters

Pipe Lighter Pewter Finish with Pipe Shapes $44.95 (made in China)

You have probably noticed that there is a huge difference in the prices of different pipe lighters. The “royalty” among pipe lighters; IM Corona, Dunhill, DuPont and Sillems to name a few, enjoy such price tags as $150 to over $1,000!!! Such is understandable, to a point, when they are gold plated or feature some other precious metal. But the question that remains is how can a lighter cost twice as much when the mechanics and materials are much the same as other pipe lighters with the same features, such as Yibao, Jifeng, Vertigo, Colibri, Cohiba and Xikar?

Dunhill Rollagas Alligator Pattern Pipe LIghter 150x150 Import Pipe Lighters vs. Domestic/European Pipe LightersSome say it is because the more expensive pipe lighters are domestically manufactured, or manufactured in Europe, while the mid to low cost lighters are “imports”. But is that really true? I learned just the other day that Savinelli’s IM Corona Old Boy Pipe Lighter was actually manufactured in Japan! I’m not implying that Japanese lighters are not of good quality. But I am asking are they worth 4-5 times more than other import lighters?

Many brands of pipe lighters today are manufactured in China. While some will turn up their nose at the thought of owning a Chinese made product; thinking of lesser quality, I am old enough to remember when the same was said of “Made in Japan”.

Yibao Butane Pipe Lighter Striped Chrome 150x150 Import Pipe Lighters vs. Domestic/European Pipe Lighters

Striped Chrome Pipe Lighter $65.95 (made in China)


Corona Old Boy Pipe Lighter Chrome with LInes 150x150 Import Pipe Lighters vs. Domestic/European Pipe Lighters

IM Corona Striped Chrome Pipe Lighter $136 (made in Japan)

So, here’s the deal. Below I have listed those “royalty” pipe lighter companies mentioned above, along with the country in which their lighters are made. Then you can decide whether or not it is worth mortgaging the house to buy one. As well, I will list the mid to low cost pipe lighter brands showing the country they are manufactured in.

At the end if the day, if you want to spend $150+ for a good quality pipe lighter, so be it. But at least you will be informed as to what you are getting.

High Priced Pipe Lighters

Savinellis’s IM Corona-Italian Company and manufactured in Japan (according to IM Corona’s Amazon listing)
Dunhill-British Company and manufactured in England.
DuPont-French Company with lighters made in France and China. Minijet and Maxijet series are made in China. Other lighters are made in France.
Sillems-German Company and lighters are made in Japan.

Low to Mid Priced Pipe Lighters

Wenzhou Yibao Hardware-Chinese manufacturer that is ISO 9001 and SA8000 certified. Manufactures lighters for Cohiba (43,000 in 2012) and under the brand names of Jifeng and Yibao.
Vertigo-Made by Lotus (also makes Nibo) Manufactured in China
Colibri-Made in China
Xikar-Made in China
IMCO-Austrian Company and per their website they are Austrian made since 1907.

My point throughout this post is the vast majority of lighters are made in China and Japan. My question is what is really the difference between the $79.99 Pewter Finish with Pipe Shapes; that looks and works just like the $150.00 Savinelli’s IM Corona Old Boy? The same would be true with the Lotus Vertigo Briar and the Xikar Pipeline.

At the end of the day if someone is determined to lay down $200+ for what they believe to be a European Lighter (that is really manufactured in China or Japan) they will do it. But, for all of those who want a comparable quality pipe lighter for 1/5th the price, that is manufactured in China or Japan, they can do so knowing that many of these mid priced lighters are manufactured in the same countries and in similar factories as the high priced lighters.

To purchase one of these fine, mid-priced lighters you can learn more about them by clicking one of the links below.
Pipe Lighter Pewter Finish with Pipe Shapes $79.99 (compare to IM Corona’s Old Boy Pewter Finish with Pipe Shapes $150)

Leather Wrapped Pipe Lighter $59.95
Pipe Lighter Silver Finish with Chrome Lines $69.95 (compare with IM Corona Old Boy Chromium Lines $136)



What Kind Of Man Are You

June 14, 2013

What Kind Of Man Are You?

Posted on June 14, 2013

Cowboy What Kind Of Man Are You?What Kind Of Man Are YouThere are certain possessions that; often unbeknownst to the individual, distinguish the qualities of a man. Among these are his shoes, his pocket knife and yes….his lighter. Because they are so seemingly insignificant they often escape the man’s own notice of how closely they can reveal his motivations & values. Is he stingy and fearful; unwilling to invest in something of value that will last for many years? Or, is he flashy and showy; buying only the most recognized brand names, at high prices, in order to “catch the eye” of others. Is he masculine; preferring simple designs. Or, is he more stylish & elegant in nature? Flashy Tom Selec What Kind Of Man Are You?There are few items more personal and descriptive of a man than his lighter. In the last few generations a lighter often lasted a man several decades; if not his entire life, and was left as a keepsake to his son. His lighter represented him as a thoughtful, quality minded man who spent his money wisely yet spent enough to buy something of value. Even though a man’s lighter is small; maybe 2″ tall and less than 3-4 ounces, it is a representation of a man’s personal identity.

Taking a closer look at lighters; you can see that some lighters are plastic and cost very little; but they don’t last, in other words they are cheap. While other lighters cost over $150 and bear the brand name in hopes to make everyone else green with envy. Then there are those lighters that have the features of the high prices lighters (i.e all metal casing, double horizontal strike wheel, flint ignition, built in tamp & pick, protected fuel valve, silicon seals, etc.), which the cheap ones don’t have, but cost half the price of the Brand Name lighters. They can be simple in design, yet suggest a sense of style from earlier era. Some of these great value lighters even come with lifetime replacement warranties!

So, what kind of man are you? Below are some suggestions of good quality, reasonably priced lighters that you and your sons can enjoy.



Jibao Leather Wrapper Pipe Lighter 150x150 What Kind Of Man Are You?20130528 063355 150x150 What Kind Of Man Are You?

– See more at: http://www.pipelighters.net/zippo-pipe-lighters/what-kind-of-man-are-you#sthash.hkMcbXSf.dpuf

Do you like it in Leather?

June 12, 2013

This solidly built Extended Arm Pipe Lighter is a great addition to your collection, or, to use everyday.

Solid Metal Casing & Parts this inexpensive lighter features all of the attributes of pipe lighters that cost much more.

This attractive all metal lighter features the signature “Extended Arm” flame cap, horizontal flint strike wheel and protected fuel intake valve and flame adjustment wheel.

  • This lighter is protected with a 100% “No Questions” Life Time Guarantee!!
  • Leather Wrapped Butane Cigar/Pipe Lighter
  • Size: 53mm x 24mm x 15mm
  • Weight 2 ounces
  • All Metal Casing with leather wrapped Accent

– See more at: http://www.pipelighters.net/products-page/product-category/im-corona-pipe-lighter/extended-arm-leather-wrapped-pipe-lighter